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Finding lending solutions in the marketplace for new entities has often been proven difficult with business owners often having to self finance. We have identified and partnered with lenders who offer microloans to finance startups and new business giving companies the much needed capital to start. By understanding the lenders criteria, we package each loan application, drastically improving the chances of approval. These loan products typically rely on the business owners personal credit, given the novelty of the business.

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Many businesses can qualify for traditional term loans & Lines of Credit. Approvals are based on time in business and revenue generation. Not all terms loans are the same and vary in interest rate and length of term. Loan size also depends on business revenue and in some cases personal or business credit. Since term loans have longer repayment periods, business financial play an important part. We have the ability to identify which loan or line of credit product will be favorable, increasing the chances of approval.

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Equipment financing can be an effective way to finance a business' startup or ongoing needs without tying up capital. Most businesses including startups qualify for equipment financing.  Since the equipment being purchased acts as collateral, most lenders tend to be less concerned about business history and credit score. There are advantages on both sides should a business decide to Lease or Finance equipment. The decision is subject to the business' needs. We can advise on which would be a suitable option for the company's needs.

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Startups and new business have the opportunity to establish and build their business credit profiles with Dun & Bradstreet through their EIN numbers. An established business credit profile at D&B with active trade lines and a good Paydex score, enables business to qualify for business loans, lines of credit and business credit cards with no cash flow or collateral requirements.

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SBA Loans are long-term, low interest loans, partially guaranteed by the government. The monies can be used for any purpose, working capital, purchase inventory, refinancing other debts or even funding the acquisition of another business. The greatest advantage to these type of loans are their low interests and long repayment terms.

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A commonly used method of payment by wholesalers and importers who transact internationally. Whereby the issuing bank promises to pay the exporter – provided the exporter complies with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. A letter of credit may also be referred to as a documentary credit.

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